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Wild Frontiers

Wild Frontiers

Extraordinary travel experiences

Wild Frontiers is a multi-award winning independent travel company specialising in stylish and original tailor-made holidays and small group adventure holidays to some of the most interesting countries in the world.

Founded in 2002, on the premise of developing a company 'run by travellers, for travellers', Wild Frontiers offers insightful and authentic travel experiences in destinations in which they have expert personal knowledge.

Iran Unveiled

One of Wild Frontiers' signature tours

PersepolisThroughout history Iran, or Persia as it was once called, has loomed large in world history, as indeed it does today. For some, highlights of this trip may include the ancient ruins of Persepolis, the magnificent tile-work of Esfahan's mosques or the medieval wind-towers of Yazd; for others it may be the quiet vehicle-free village streets of Abyaneh, the rural tranquillity of Faraghe or the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. However, for all an undoubted highlight will be having the chance to meet and chat with local Iranians who, as a people, rank amongst the most well-educated and outward-looking on the planet.

This is an outstanding trip which offers a great insight into the country with a perfect blend of both culture and adventure.


  • Seeing the Royal family's extraordinary crown jewels
  • Visiting the ancient site of Persepolis
  • Experience the hospitality of nomadic shepherds
  • Explore the beautiful Zagros Mountains
  • Time to explore, chill out and shop in Isfahan

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